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Popular Lekki Pastor: Apostle Chris OMATSOLA Sex-tape scandal: My Story

MY STORY (A True Confession)

Since the libelous allegations against me by my former lover, Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho, went viral late last year, I have been inundated with calls and messages from Nigerians all and sundry both at home and abroad. I have got threats to my life and ministry. Initially, I thought I should let it slide, but after sharing my thoughts with some close friends and family members, I was advised to go public with my side of the story to set the records straight.

Though it's a very difficult decision but I feel it is right to tell the truth and be sincere no matter what. I am also aware she will come up with more lies and blackmail after this, but I leave her to God and God alone. I have since realized also that it is important I state it so people will not continue to misconstrue my silence for guilt. Journalists and bloggers should note that I will make no further comment on this matter from henceforth. This is not in anyway to justify my wrong act of fornication, or for you to believe me or not, it's just my own account of what transpired between me and Princess for record purposes only. I refuse to blame anyone for this as I accept all the blames, criticism and regret my very regrettable mistakes. Ladies and gentle men, what you are about to read is the truth from my heart for which I will give account to God and God alone. I have moved past this and will not talk about it again.

"This Day, I make bold to say with all honesty of heart and sincerity of purpose that it is true that i committed sexual fornication with Ms. Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho of which I have since repented and God has forgiven me. But I did not post our Sex-tapes on the internet or assaulted her physically as she maliciously and fallaciously claimed and want us all to believe. Why would I post my Sex-tapes on the internet, for popularity, for money or for what? I am Chris Omatsola, I have followers and partners from around the world, that believes in the Grace of God in my life, My Kingdom Authority devotional is read across the lenght and breath of this world, I own one of the most successful real estate company in Nigeria (Krystal Properties, Lekki) and other companies. So how will I post my Sex-tapes on the internet?" - ChrisOmatsola

I met PRINCESS TAMARATOKONI OKPEWHO (aka Toks David) sometime in September 2017 just before the Lekki Toll Gate after Quilox night club around 4:40am. I was returning from a vigil in Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, that fateful day. She flagged down my car on the lonely road. She appeared drunk. Because it was dark and I thought it could be dangerous, I stopped and picked her.

When we got to my house that night, she slept on the couch in the sitting room, while I slept in my bedroom. The following morning after she was sober, I asked what she was doing by that time of the night alone and drunk on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. She started sobbing and shared the sad story of her life, how family financial pressure and bad friends pushed her into this funny lifestyle. I believed every word that came out of her mouth.

She told me that she was a graduate of Computer Science from Landmark University. She said she left Port Harcourt, Rivers State, for Lagos in search of greener pastures because of the hardship back at home. She told me her dad (Mr. Nobert Okpewho) is an indigene of Abraka, Delta State, and her mom (Mrs. Sarah Okpewho) was from Bayelsa.

She said her dad was once a Shell Nigeria staff, he got into trouble with the company because he duped some fellow, he was defrauded as well, and he was sacked from Shell because of the financial scandal that trailed him with loads of police cases, police arrests, court cases and his debtors everywhere after him. That her both parents are old and jobless in Port Harcourt and that they're even owing 3 years accommodation rent.

She lamented how her mom who had 2 kids from 2 different fathers out of wedlock before marrying to her dad whom she had the three of them for has serious health challenges and since she's the first daughter of the family and because things are bad for them she felt obligated to help out as much as she can even though her dad never supported her coming to Lagos but he had no choice since she foot the bills.

She told me of how her immediately older brother (Efe Okpewho) of the same father, whom their father spent millions of Naira on when things were rosy to study in the UKs never graduated or came back to Nigeria with any result, degree or whatsoever and still ask her for money regularly for upkeep. This was the same Efe Okpewho threatening to shot me dead with his gun when we meet in the police station which I have also reported to police (I fear for my life because the guy is a known and notorious tout in Port Harcourt). I have also been receiving loads of death threats from her numerous boyfriends and lovers since then. She said her mom two eldest son's whom she had from other men don't even care about her for reasons best known to them and that she's more of their all in all as she's in Lagos.

She said when she got to Lagos, she could not get a job and the one she got with DSTV in Spar, Lekki, she was paid N18,000 per month, depending on sales. She said all family financial pressures were on her shoulders because her older siblings were not living up to their responsibilities. She said some other deep family secrets that I believe I should keep from the public despite our differences. She said she was fed up with life. I actually shed tears while listening to her during the seven hours conversation. Any man with a heart will do. I felt sad a young woman would go through those troubles alone. I wished I was Aliko Dangote so I could make her feel free and happy (I did my bit anyway).

From that moment, I saw her not only as a friend, but as a younger sister. I loved her. I saw in her an innocent lady who was ready to risk her life and do all she could to put a smile on the faces of her siblings and parents. I advised her to stop that kind of life because Lagos is a very dangerous place and it is not right in the sight of God.

Honestly, our sexual relationship started from there as I became emotionally attached to her. That you may say, was the beginning of the downfall of Apostle Chris Omatsola.

Fast forward to February 2018. I was so busy trying to get her a good job with my links. She moved in with me, got a better paying Job. Before moving to my house, Princess lived with a friend named Amaka, who stayed in Ikota Ghetto. Amaka stayed with her hemp-smoking boyfriend (Turna) and about five others in one room inside a beer parlour and semi brothel.

Prior to this time, Princess only visited my house. So, she pleaded I allowed her to stay with me since I already promised to marry her. She said she was not comfortable in Amaka's house since she now had a new life. I was scared initially. But because of what I thought was my love for her, and how she was so in love with me, I accepted and we started staying together in my three bedroomed apartment on Harmony Estate, Lekki.

Amaka was aware; Ese Okpewho her younger sister and Tosin her former course mate were also aware, even though she always lied to her parents and friends that she was not staying with me because she wanted us to get married by all means. She was such a jealous lover, so over protective, she frowns at the sight of any woman around me, even female calls on my phone irritates her. She checked on my WhatsApp chat regularly.

Did I promise her marriage? To be honest, YES. I promised to marry her, but on the condition that she changed her ways, stop prostitution and accept God genuinely. She actually did change because she stopped night clubbing and smoking, but hid to take alcohol. She started going to church with me as she became my prayer point. We prayed and did fasting together regularly, and I taught her the word of God. At a point, she became almost more fervent as she would wake me up for midnight prayers and morning devotions. I bought her Christian books and we went out for weekend evangelism together. She waxed fervent and prayed in tongues, while in my house. She dissociated herself completely from bad friends and started posting Scriptural verses online. She became serious in the things of God.

I was happy and felt fulfilled that God had used me to change someone. She introduced me to her parents and I introduced her to mine. Though my mum was skeptical about her, but she accepted Princess and treated her as her daughter; they spoke regularly on the telephone, although I never told her how I met Princess because I did not want anyone to discourage me. Princess was so in love with me and there's nothing she doesn't share with me. She always said to me, 'Kevwe, you're the angel God sent to me; I don't know what my life would have turned into if not for you. God used you to salvage my life.' Her mum always call me on the telephone to ask when I would see their family formally.

I later accepted to formalize our relationship and her mother said we should come to Port Harcourt to see her when we are ready. We both planned to go see her parents for formal introduction in September 2018.

Princess and I had more than 10 sex tapes of ourselves on our phones as she enjoy filming sex. I trusted her so much that I kept money in her account. At a time, I kept over N900,000 with her because I thought I was a reckless spender and she was frugal.

However, Princess' attitude started changing when Davido’s gifted his Chioma with a 45 million Naira Porsche SUV car on her birthday during the assurance era. In August 2018 after one of her former Landmark course mates, Mary who is also a runs babe, held a birthday party in Eko Hotel and Suite sponsored by her Yahoo boyfriend, who also flew her to Dubai and spent extravagantly for the celebration princess attitude got worsened. She know I loved her so much and will never leave her, so she can misbehave and take undue advantages of my undying love for her.

Prior to her birthday in April, she said she wanted a pre-birthday photo shoot. I told her that when she was ready, I would drive her to a studio24 in Lekki phase 1 and we would get it done. She insisted she must go to Iyana Ipaja to her ex-boyfriend (Timothy) photo studio for the shoot and she was not coming back till Monday morning. I was angry and thought the arrangement was bad. I did everything to stop her from traveling from Lekki to Iyana Ipaja, but she refused, even though my #750,000 was in her Zenith bank account and my money would be spent. She left on Friday and returned to the house on Monday night. I kept quiet because I loved her.

On another occasion, one of her ex- boyfriends, Benjamin, aka Benji, was in town and she told me it was his birthday party or something like that and she wanted to just attend it. I insisted that she should not, but as usual, she left that Friday and did not come home until four days later. I also kept quiet because I loved her.

On yet another occasion, she said she was going to spend the weekend with a friend, Gloria in her older sister's house, in Ikeja and that she would not be coming home until Monday. I later discovered from her chat that she was with another of her boyfriend named Obinna, in his house in Maryland all through the weekend. I kept quiet because I loved her. Princess is such a complicated, deceptive and manipulative person and she will stand with her lies until you catch her redhanded which I have countless number of times. That Saturday she even lied to Gloria and her mum about her where about.

At another time, she left the house for days and gave me another lie. But after going through her chat, I discovered that she spent nights in another of her so-called ex boyfriend’s house by name BEKS, who, according to her, bought her a Samsung Galaxy phone as a birthday gift in 2017 before I met her. Also at yet another occasion she left Lagos to Benin, I even drove to the GIG Motors pack as she took off for a friends wedding but I discovered from her chat and she later confessed to me that she spent nights in the hotel room with one of her photographer boyfriend by name Omorogbe Eseosa who also covered the event in Benin. I also kept quiet because I loved her.

A friend of mine by name Ray in Lekki after seeing a picture of her's in my WhatsApp Status called me and asked to be sure am not having anything serious with this girl because he has slept with her gave her N3,000 and discharged her, to prove of his claims he even showed me his WhatsApp chats with princess and bedroom pictures, everything. I was so ashamed of myself that evening, when I asked Princess the following day she lied saying they only shared a drink in a night club somewhere in Sango Tedo and that nothing happened between them not knowing I knew more, but I was still ready to marry her even with all these I knew and have seen because of how much I loved her (I was just been Stupid). The list of her boyfriends and lovers are just too long to mention as this is just to mentioned a few in Lagos talk more of Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu and so on which I know of, she will never tell you the truth until you catch her, Everytime I did she would confess in tears and tell me the truth. I would also pray for her total deliverance. Even her very close friend Gloria knows her very well and jokingly calls her "Ashawo where are you now" anytime they spoke on phone.

This continued with so many apologies in tears one episode after another, as I always forgive her and we prayed together.

At this point, I already developed cold feet to my marriage plans for her and I told myself, 'Kevwe, you can't marry this kind of a woman; making her your wife won't change her.'

A senior pastor friend of mine in Lekki told me to be sincere with myself, that I did not need this kind of woman as wife. I needed a woman that's on fire for God and that will always be there for me in prayers; not a woman I was trying to change.

All of a sudden, my tongue-speaking Princess Okpewho went back to her regular promiscuous Lagos night party lifestyle, she is seriously a life-of-the-party. She became angry when I decided to quietly discontinue the relationship because of her promiscuous attitude. She said she loved me so much and she will change, that i should just be more patient with her.

One Friday morning in August, I called her mother and explained everything to her on the phone as Princess was crying and begging me not to tell her she's into night prostitution. I wanted her mom to know the kind of daughter she had and what she was doing in Lagos. Her mom was so shocked at this revelation, she thanked me and asked me to give her the phone imediately. She asked her if everything Apostle (that's what she calls me) said were lies. She confirmed to her biological mother (Mrs. Sarah Okpewho) in my presence that I was not lying, her mom also asked her if she smokes and she said yes but not always, she asked her again if she was prostituting in Lagos and she told her YES with tears in her eyes, I felt for her yet again. Her mom will testify to this. After which I called her friend, Amaka that same day, i gave her some money and took all her property from my house to Amaka's place, from where she moved into my house. For this, she hated me and vowed to destroy me.

But I did all these for her own good and for my conscience sake because she was actually going to destroy herself when I met her. I told her mom the development because I thought if she was in the know, she would advise her properly and help her come out of prostitution. She always jokingly tell me she is an extremely beautiful girl and no man born of a woman can resist her beautiful face and complexions.

Since that day, her mom never called me again although I was still in communication with Princess. Sometimes when she missed me, she would call me. I had deleted all our sex videos on my phone and she was aware and i insisted she delete hers because she had access to my phones, email addresses, ATM cards and passwords, and mobile banking details because I loved and trusted her.

To my greatest surprise, three days after our split, I received calls from three different unknown numbers. It all had the same male voice. He stated with precision my name, church address, house address, name of my companies and office addresses. He said he had my nude videos and if I did not cooperate, they would destroy me and my ministry. I told them that no man can stop my ministry because the righteous shall be as bold as a lion and whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. I told them God called me to ministry in the altar of prayers and not social media and nobody or social media can destroy me or stop my ministry.

Honestly, I was traumatized and terrified. Immediately, I called my dad and some friends and they advised I talk to Princess and beg her. They said she is just madly in love with me and would not do me any harm.

So, I called and told her about this and she said she knew nothing about it. I drove to her office after work and picked her up, she was so excited I came for her. We went to a prophet friend's house in Lekki where we usually hang out, had dinner and we went to my house together for the night. The following morning, I gave her N100,000. I told her to please take things easy and that I meant good for us. I said asking her to move out of the house or reporting her ugly lifestyle to her mom had nothing to do with another lady. We were cool after she checked my phone calls log, WhatsApp chats to see if I was seeing someone else and found nothing suspicious.

A few days later, I had a message on WhatsApp from a particular number, still on the sex tape. The person said I should try to see them. I have the screenshot of the conversation. I tried to speak with Princess again; she came over to my house, spent the night and collected money again (N80,000).

I was surprised when the videos was posted online and I started getting calls and messages. When the police came to apprehend me, some area boys who came with Princess assaulted me badly in the presence of police. They refused to allow anyone to accompany us to their location. At first, it looked like a kidnap scenario as we arrived at the Ajah Police Station. I was so scared, traumatized, incarcerated, assaulted and statement was forcefully taken from me. They seized my phones and I could not contact anyone to tell them my whereabouts. I was forced to do a video confessing to a crime I knew nothing about as part of settlements and because I did not want to be dragged into such a dirty and messy drama I complied.

Princess, on the other hand, told the Ajah Divisional Police Officer in his office and in the presence of my dad and the IPO that she was not interested in going to court and all she wanted was 200 million Naira for damages. The DPO laughed at her outrageous demand and told her to take things easy, he was such a nice and intelligent Police officer unlike the IPO. However, she insisted on the amount and the DPO had to transfer the case to the police command headquarters at Ikeja, where we finally reached settlement and she received money from me. I have proves.

The police asked her to go to the Lagos High Court to swear to an affidavit of case withdrawal and closure and she should present it to them before they would allow us to settle as a family considering that both families had become involved. This she did in good conscience after also receiving money from my father. We both signed the agreement with witnesses and ended the case peacefully and amicably. I am also in possession of documents to prove this.

Initially, news had it that Princess Okpewho was my church member's wife and that I was a married pastor. I did a video immediately saying she's not a married woman and am not married, I am single and has never been married, those were my words in that clip, I never said that the sextape was recorded when I was not yet a Pastor or when I was still in the world. I never said that, journalist made that up. I never made any such statement with my mouth in that video, check it well. Honestly, the Sex-tapes were recorded sometimes in October 2017. She was holding the camera in some and I heard the camera in the other. We were both aware, and we never knew it will go viral around the world.

Seven days later, I will never forget that day (1st November, 2018), a friend in America drew my attention to a libelous publication against my name again trending on social media. Lo and behold, it was Princess Okpewho again. I was so devastated. This time, she accused me of assault and called me all sorts of names - liar, psychopath, a woman beater, a womanizer. At this point, my heart bled. It became obvious that she seriously wanted me down by all means. This was a woman I have never raised my hands on.

At this time, I was miserable. For the first time in my life, I felt like taking my own life; the whole thing went viral on the internet. I restricted myself to my closet, crying for days. Depression overpowered me. My whole world crumbled again. It looked like the world had come to an end for me. Phone calls, text messages everywhere. The whole world crucifying me, cyber bullying, threats from every corner and I was still wondering if it was the same Princess Okpewho or somebody else. She went from one social media platform to another, defaming me the more and enjoying her sudden Fame and popularity. She went on BBC to blackmail me the more. This was the same woman I picked on the road on a lonely night, drunk. A woman I fed, clothed, accommodated, sent money to her parents regularly, introduced to my church members, friends and family. What could have gone wrong?

I remembered what my mum told me when she came visiting us at my house in Lekki. Even though she kind of liked Princess, she said there was something wrong about her even when she prayed for us. I remember my dad told me he felt negative about her when he met her.

I remembered my friend, Pastor Jerry, said I should run from this girl because she's marine and she had an agenda only God knew and that she would destroy me, and repeated it even in her very face.

I remembered another friend, Pastor Theo, never liked Princess from day one, even though his wife came from Princess' hometown. I remembered Pastor Israel told me to stay away from her and that he had a dream where she stabbed me in my back and I bled profusely, almost bleeding to death.

I remembered in tears, pains and sorrow that Bro Prosper told me that this girl was not my wife and she had an agenda that I might not be aware of.

I remembered Gloria's mum told me that night when I was in her house in Ikorodu, "Kevwe, Be very careful with this Princess so she does not destroy you, kill you and expose you negatively to the world because the anointing that is on your life is great, and who knows this Princess may be your enemy."

I wondered for days in tears how someone I assisted, supported, fueled her successes, dreams and aspirations; a woman I reposed so much trust and confidence in, a lady I cherished and loved, is the same person making the headlines for my downfall with her campaign of calumny, maliciously and fallaciously crafted.

I wondered what she had to gain or benefit from this evil and all these allegations and accusations she's spreading on the Internet against me, why go on the internet? It was obvious this was not just Princess, but a bigger enemy.

All these thoughts flooded my heart. My eyes could not hold back the tears, i cried for days not only because my sex tapes was all over the Internet, or because fellow pastors, members, partners and friends rejected me and don't even pick my calls again or because I was so foolish to have allowed a sex-tape in the first place or handled things with trust and live the way and manner I did, but because I truly LOVED her, I felt betrayed, I felt rejected and abandoned. I wondered how on earth I did not listen to all the warnings. Perhaps, I was blinded by love, lust or maybe hypnotized. Despite the warnings and signs, I still fell into this mess. What a shame, Shame on me as I weeping profusely. Honestly, I will regret the mistake of allowing a sex tape till I depart this Earth.

At this time, the only thing that was more regular on my mind was to take my own life. I felt I wanted to change someone I loved for good but it ended up a decision I will never forget as long as I am in this world. Since this happened, friends, ministry partners, church members, well-wishers, some family members and worse of all my fellow pastors, Father's and Senior colleagues in ministry have quickly disassociated themselves completely from me, abandoned me to ill fate, many don't take my calls again or even reply my messages. I have been left alone to carry my cross alone.

I regret my actions of having premarital sex that was filmed with her; I just can't imagine how carnality and stupidity got such a strong hold of me. I sinned against God and my body. I have made my way right with God and I believe He has forgiven me. I am happy with myself and my life. Even though Princess Okpewho has proven time and time again that she would stop at nothing to see me down and dead. I still love her, and will continue to pray for her, but honestly i can never have anything to do with her in life again. I pray our part never cross again in this life. I wished i never met her or stop to talk with her in the first place. I regret meeting Princess Tamara Okpewho, I wished I never met her, and I'll regret this for the rest of my life.

Haba! for God's sake, how do you say i posted my own sex tapes on the internet with my face showing for the whole world to see? Like seriously? I have church members, spiritual sons and daughters, people that look up to me for spiritual matters, people that are not members of my church but partner with my ministry, i preach on different religious platforms across Africa. Let me ask you reading this, how much will i pay you to post your sex tape on the internet? because you want a woman to come back to you, like who does that? i will not even post my nudes in an insane state, my finger won't post them, but princess wants the world and all of us to believe Apostle Chris Omatsola posted his own nudes to disgrace her and get her back. Wow! I leave her to God.

I still stand to say that the Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho I know is a good person inside; she has a good heart and she is a good girl that loves her parents and family so much that she is ready to sacrifice anything for their happiness (She loves her little sister, Ese Okpewho, so much that i did not sleep all through the night she learnt the little girl was sent out of school over fees as she was just crying).

I pray that God will not overlook those days of prayers and fasting we did together. I would be the happiest person on Earth to see you in future burning with the fire of God in your life as I've always told you.

I pray that she will find a better life ahead and a better man who will love her genuinely for who she is.

I wish her long life, more money in good health. I wish her the very best of life.

I pray things turn good for her family as well.

I forgive all the evil and calumny she published against me and those who lent their platforms for such.

I pray that she will shine from Glory to Glory.

I also want her to know that it's unfortunate that things turned out this way between us, but I will always love, cherish and respect her. Inspite of all the hurts, pains, harvoc, defamation and evil she has caused my ministry and reputation, I will never hate her even though am tempted to, I love her still.

I also think ministers of God should learn from my fall. Watch your steps because the devil is on your tail. Be careful with women. Prayerfully help people. If you have fallen, don't cover up. Seek God's face with penitence and repentance. And don't gloat over my mistake; let him that thinketh he standeth take heed, lest he falls.

Thanks to everyone that stood by me in my most challenging times, your love, care and benevolence expressed through calls, messages are highly appreciated. God bless you all, only God will reward you all in JESUS name.

God Bless Apostle Chris Omatsola

God Bless Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho and God Bless You.

-Chris Omatsola (MD: Krystal Properties, Lekki)

These are a few photos from our supposed violent relationship that she claimed I beat her up like almost everyday and she swam in the pool of her blood. From the photos below someone must be lying.


  1. Wonderful. I celebrate you.

  2. You fought well bro...May God heal your wounds.

  3. All you tried to say here in quick summary is that:

    A saintly you met a RUNS girl... whom you tried to change. But in the long run Saintly you got involved with her emotionally. She warmed your bed, cooked for you and other house chores while you spent church money on her. You enjoyed her pussy so much that you made (or agreed to make) sex tapes with her and even flaunted her pictures on your WhatsApp status to the point that friends and fellow Past-stores commented on her character and nubility.

    Long and short of the story: You are a promiscuous, he goat unfit to lead the shepherd of God. Because you're dangerous to the sheep you lead. You can easily pick another lost sheep and fuck the way you like while leading her to Christ.

    You need Jesus... You need deliverance... You need genuine repentance.

    1. Thanks brother for very analysis of why he wrote 60 pages just to justify himself.

    2. If I were you, I'd rather keep my opinions in my mind than type filthy things up here. Who are you to judge him? High men of Prominence than he his, globally well-known had fallen in this act and it took the Special Grace of the Almighty God to wash them plain. In your language, shit happens and for your info, I'm not a Pastor but I understand what it is like to go through this. Go repent of your words or better still, delete this and make yourself whole. You could be forgiven of all sins but if you don't retake this one, you might roast in hell. I leave you with this; Matt 7: 1-2. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again; Psalms 105:3; Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm."

    3. And you Mr judge, who are you to judge him. Are you a saint? Don't you sin? Have you not committed adultery or fornication? You said he is promiscuous, what about you, what are you? Your type rape children so go and AIT down and leave judgement for God. Anumpam

    4. He did not even write the 60 pages for you to justify him OK l. He wrote it to clear his mind. If you like judge him till you die, its your problem not his. He has made peace with his God. You are so jobless to read the 60 pages. So get yourself a job and be busy. Chief justice

    5. Dear Nenngy and James, I sorry for both of you. Hypocrites and defenders of a he-goat called pastor.

      In the deepest part of your mind you both know that thus fellow calling himself a pastor needs genuine repentance. He needs Christ. For now, he is a risk to the flock.

    6. Nenngy and James, are you two justifying a sinful soul? All he wrote here is justifying his actions and calling the lady the devil! That is unfair.

      He took her home, slept with her, paid her for sex, while claiming he wants to marry her... Is that what Pastors do?

      Please, this guy needs to go and be a disciple first before being a Pastor.

  4. You are still wishing her well, I wonder if both of you had an oath? If she comes back lustfully you will still go down on bed with her, how on earth will a well known man of God do a sex tape, for what? Rubbish, pls sir learn from this pls

    1. He is wishing her well has nothing to do with that. Mistakes has been made. The rest is for God to forgive. What will he gain holding grudges. He definitely can not go down with her because he already left her before all the buhaha started

    2. Mr Nenggy how could be supporting a so called pastor that did a sex tape multiple times not even that he made a mistake of sex once am sure you must be an agent of the mermaid world of fornication

  5. May God comfort you and restore you in Jesus name. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    The devil is threatened by the anointing on your life. God will turn the bitter waters into sweet waters. He will not allow your testimony to be cut short. All he desires is a new craving for him. Where you love him so much and only what he thinks about you matter. Where no human being can ever reach. He loves you. We love you and will stand with you in prayers. This too shall pass. A contrite and repentant heart,God cannot despise. God bless you brother

  6. God knows best and has the finally say...stay strong bro.

  7. All steps you took from near quilox till the sextape were intentional sinful steps. A pastor should not think of what you did with her you were very immature.

    Flee formication!

    1. "A Pastor" you said, is just a spiritual title. It doesn't change the fact that he is human. The disciples of Jesus were more holier and righteous than we, despite the fact that it was in older times. They were yet more brutal and blunt in the ministry than all these dramas secular people wants us Christians to be acting in the name of religion. Jesus was the Lord, yet He was as well tempted. Take heed! Bless you.

    2. I wonder why we think a pastor is not a human being. He picked her up, he changed her, her wanted to settle down with her, he had her pic on his dp before friends saw it and call his attention. Amidst that, he still believe she could still make a good wife because God can change anyone. He still continued until she show she can never change, she went back to Egypt.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. James and Nenggy am sure you people will share same portion of hell with him. Bloody seditionists

  8. The world is indeed wicked!!! If all you said here is the truth, then forgive her totally so God in his infinite mercy will also have mercy on you. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

  9. The world is indeed wicked!!! If all you said here is the truth, then forgive her totally so God in his infinite mercy will also have mercy on you. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

  10. This self acclaimed pastor doesn't deserve any female member in her church as he would sex tape them all

  11. Hmmmnnn...Women! Leave Men Of God alone. She knew he was a pastor and she was fucking him, Ashewoo. Lasgidi olosho. This woman is really evil princess of darkness indeed. God will never stop punishing you for bringing this Man Of God down. I believe she must have been promoted in her evil kingdom by now. Man Of God, we salute your humility, honesty, braveness and sincerity. The bible say a righteous man falls seven times and rise again. Apostle its not over yet, arise and shine for your light has come. Its your season to reign above all.

  12. Hmmmnnn...Women! Leave Men Of God alone. She knew he was a pastor and she was fucking him, Ashewoo. Lasgidi olosho. This woman is really evil princess of darkness indeed. God will never stop punishing you for bringing this Man Of God down. I believe she must have been promoted in her evil kingdom by now. Man Of God, we salute your humility, honesty, braveness and sincerity. The bible say a righteous man falls seven times and rise again. Apostle its not over yet, arise and shine for your light has come. Its your season to reign above all.

  13. This woman is evil, to drag his reputation this bad is wickedness..what has she gained

  14. Women! Leave Pastors alone abeg. She how you've destroyed this man's career and reputation.

  15. What is Princess Of Darkess gain in this ashes done. Evil woman

  16. My Apostle, we knew that girl was evil, even when I saw her in your office that day I felt I'll about her. Thank God you didn't marry her it would have been worse, she is an agent of darkness darkness sent to bring your amazing ministry down. Hmmmnnn... She's is really a princess of evil, wickedness and darkness. Only God will punish her low life. You are rising back stronger and better, don't worry dear. We love you and will always do,


Command The LIGHT

KINGDOM AUTHORITY: Friday, March, 22, 2019 | #ChrisOmatsolaMinistries #ZionwealthOfLifeAssembly Command The LIGHT And God said, Let t...